What is the best treatment for skin fungas (candida)

What is Skin Fungus (Candida)?

Human skin is home to a number of bacteria and fungi. They are required by the skin for performing some crucial tasks. While some bacteria and fungi are genuinely useful, others are not so friendly. Candida is a type of skin fungus that is not that nice to the skin. In fact, it can prove to be quite a nuisance if it results in the development of a fungal infection. Such infections can turn into a chronic condition if they are not treated at an earlier stage. So, it is important that you do not let this fungal infection grow for long and consult the opinion of a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatments for Candida

Candida is a serious fungal infection and needs to be treated aggressively or it can become complicated quite quickly. There are a number of medical treatments available for this fungal infection. Numerous studies have been carried out as well on this particular fungal infection and various anti-fungal creams have been identified that can prove to be effective in treating it.

#1 Ketoconazole

Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal cream that has been used for treating fungal infections. It is commonly used for the treatment of skin conditions like Athlete’s foot, fungal sweat rashes, fungal nappy rashes and fungal groin infections. The primary task performed by this anti-fungal agent when treating these infections is to kill the fungus that is the root cause of the skin infection. This reduces the symptoms of the skin conditions and provides relief to the patient. Studies done on Ketoconazole have suggested that it can also be utilized for the purpose of treating other fungal infections as well most notably, candida. It is available in the form of both creams and sprays and can be bought with or without a prescription from a pharmacy.

#2 Nystatin

Nystatin is another anti-fungal agent that is prescribed for the treatment of skin conditions, particularly fungal infections. Available in the form of a powder, cream, and tablet, this anti-fungal agent is recommended for treating fungal infections that affect the intestines and the mouth. Nystatin attacks the cell membranes of the fungus causing the fungal infection. As the fungus weakens, its death occurs and the patient feels relief from the symptoms that he has been experiencing. Nystatin in the form of a cream has been identified as a treatment method for candida as well. It cannot be purchased from pharmacies as an over-the-counter drug and requires a prescription from a medical practitioner.   

#3 Monistat

Monistat is an anti-fungal cream which is recommended by physicians for the treatment of candida. It is particularly beneficial for women who suffer from vaginal candida infections. Available in the form of a cream, Monistat can offer instant relief to the patients from the burning sensations and itching that are a hallmark of the vaginal candida infections. This anti-fungal cream works on the same principle as the other anti-fungal agents and kills off the fungus that is causing the fungal infection. This results in the pain relief felt by the patients. The main ingredient present in Monistat which is responsible for killing the fungus is Miconazole.   

#4 Tioconazole

Tioconazole is yet another anti-fungal agent that has been used for the purpose of treating fungal infections that target the skin. Studies have suggested that it can be of great use in the treatment of candida fungal infections too. Tioconazole is available in the form of an ointment and needs to be applied directly on the skin where the infection is located. The mode of action that this anti-fungal agent adopts for providing relief to the patients is to kill off the fungus that is the root cause of the fungal infection. It is a good idea to consult a doctor before starting the use of this anti-fungal ointment. 

#5 Terbinafine

Terbinafine has been used primarily for treating fungal infections associated with the toenails and fingernails in the past. However, now it has been identified as a possible treatment method for candida fungal infections too. Researches done on Terbinafine have revealed positive results and it is being suggested that patients suffering from candida fungal infections can use it for reducing their symptoms as well. Available in the form of a nail lacquer and a tablet, this anti-fungal agent kills off the fungus that is causing the skin infection, thereby, providing relief to the patient. 

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